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Review Thebodyneeds2 pigments , blushes , lipsticks

Hey babes,

I received this colourful package a while ago from and I really wanted to show you up-close photos of the products. At the end of the post you will see the first tutorial I did using a couple of pigments .

So thebodyneeds is an American company selling their own brand of products and MAC products in fraction, everything original , of course. I have purchased from them in the past and everything went irreproachably.

You can find mineral eyeshadows, crush pots, blushes, lipsticks, compacts, glitters and other make-up, everything good quality.

Since last year I have a thing for pigments, wheater they are matt, glittery or satin finish they all make the makeup stand out even more.

The packaging is simple, but I appreciate that because even though they are simple, they are resistent, and I know I pay much more for the products not for the package.

The lipsticks are extremely pigmented and creamy and resistent. 
You only need a tiny bit for an opaque look.
I really like them and would try other colours.

The blushes are very soft, pigmented and you only need a tiny bit. Playing hooky is more cool toned and iridescent  while Coral caress is more warm toned and matt. 

Look at these pigments! Needless to say they are gorgeous, pigmented, I applyed them on bare hand without primer...and this is the result! Stunning!

They are cruelty free, amazing quality and great value for the small price!

These are must have pigments for any makeup lover!

I can't pick one shade, they are all super gorgeous!

Check out the tutorial I did using some of the pigments!

What do you think?


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