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Review Nivea Care & Colour lip balms

Autumn and winter is the time of the year when I take out from the stash a tonn of lip care products and I take good care of my lips, since I hate dry skin on them and, I must admit it hurts when they break.
Another reason why I take good care of my lips is lipstick . As you may know, and I'm sure I'm not the only one, I am a lipstick addict  - and patchy lips is never in trend. I hate when lipstick looks bad on dry lips , so I prefer to not forget.

There are many brands I likeand I use, but today I am going to tell you some beauty news since Nivea is launching 3 new coloured lip balms.

They are called Care and Colour lip balsm and they come in 3 colours - nude, rose and red. None of them is super strong, so don't worry. They will give you a nice coloured touch to your lips. 

The lip balms have a innovative formula for an intense feeling of softness:
 The middle part contains panthenol that nourishes from the inside towards the sensitive skin of the lips, while the outer layer gives them bright colors and offers freshness.

They are great value ~ 3 euros for 4.8 gr 

My fave is Rose. What's yours?


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