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Review Glazel Visage Eyeshadows & Pigments

Hey dolls!

Here is the review for the lovely pro make-up brand - Glazel Visage  - That you can find here.

The brand is Polish and is around for a while but only this year they arrived in Romania, but you can find them in other countried in Europe as well. Not sure about US though..

The brand has a variaty of products perfect for everyone. I recommend you get the personalized pallete and fill it and with colours you desire . More economic and fun!

Magnetic personalized shadow.

I wanted some pastel shades, dark shades a have way too many. 
The S47 , S51 S40 are cool toned shades while the other are more on the warm side. 

Now, the pigmentation is there, on the application you have to work a bit. I recomand dabbing the product not swipe it. You can always built it up anyway. 

Not all the shades have the same fall out . The S47 is much more dustier than the others. 
They creamy but you still have some fall out. No problem!

I like to apply also the satin shades  - 2 and 130 - on a cream base , to that the colour pops. 

My fave is S40 

Now these are some gorgeous pigments 
I love the quality and formula, the colour payoff is amazing!

The white A7 is a gorgeous pearly shade with golden undertones. You can use it as a semi glitter on top of eyeshadows using your finger or worn as an only shade. 

Cameleon C2 is stunning! I used it on clients also and they loved it! It is a warm teal with reddish undertones to it . 

Pigments can be used in multiple ways. You can apply them with a wet brush, but then grab a tiny bit, otherwise you will have a patchy application and fallout. 
I like to apply them on a creamy sticky base dry. That way I can control more the product .

If the colours are not good enough for you you always have the posibility to mix them for a unique signiture shade!

Glazel Visage Lipgloss nr 8 - light weight and easy to wear during the day. 
Not so sticky and it is what it's said, a lipgloss. The color pay off is not as opaque as liquid lipsticks but you will still have some colour on your lips.

The camouflage cream comes in a small package but it is very consistent. 
You only need a tiny bit to cover and I recommend using your finger for applying it! The product will warm up and the application will be much more easier with less product!

The colour I have is 2 and it is a cool toned beige.

What do you think?

Have you tried them?


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