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Perfume of the week : Irresistible Woman by Gerovital

Hey ladies,

Fianlly a new Perfume of the week. It's not that I don't want to write about them , it's because I almost wrote about every perfume I own . Oh wel.., still some left, so watch out!

You know I have a passion for perfumes....I like to collect them, and wear each and every single day another perfume! Sometimes I abuse of some, in a nice way, wear them days in row, but! I am not a typical person when it comes to pufs. I don't like to spray 20 puffs on me...I usually go for 3... is that too little? Or too much?
I know friends or guys who spray literally 15-20 puffs once. Leave me in the comments section what do you think!

So today I will show you my first Romanian perfume, Irresistible Women by Gerovital .
I am not obsessed with zodiac signs, but I am pretty sure the description of this perfume describes a Libra...

The bottle is very similar to Givenchy Irresistible Me, but the scent is not similar at all.

The bottle is glass while the cap is plastic. Even though , I like the design and the box. 

The perfume is described as a floral bouquet with some woody accents.

I find it summery, kinda sweet , elegant and sensual.

It's note include rose, raspberries, vanilla and mosk.

On my skin it lasts 4 to 6 hours, depends. 

Now that Farmec has opened stores in France, Greece, Italy etc, you will find it in stores or online. 
The price is very good - around 12 euros.

What do you think?


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