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Oriflame Beauty News C12 - C13 2015

Hey beauties!

Here are some exciting beauty news by Oriflame, which will launch in the next 2 months! I'm sorry for the lack of quality of the pictures, but it is the best I can do for now:)

Most of the products that are new are from the Giordani Gold range ( GG ) andfrom The ONE range. The rest are random beauty products and accesories.

Let me know in the comments section what do you think!

Don't know who remembers the ooooold GG wuads, but I DO! The quality of the eyeshadows was very good and the selection of colours as well, the packaging was golden. You must not forget the fact that this range is dedicated to the elegant, clasic women. They rarely do colourful quads, maybe in the summer, but in the rest they like to bring neutral colours for every Lady . 
I think I will try all of them:)

The packaging and the eyeshadow shapes, remind me of the Dolce Gabbana eyeshadows, another brand that I like and own. 

I had in the past GG Powders and they were luxurious!! Velvety smooth texture, full coverage, and didn't cake the skin. This for sure will not be disapointing! Must try!

The have changed all GG bottles, which is a good thing, I like this new bottle. I must admit, the old base didn't tempt me, but this I will try!

New Giordani Gold mascara. The brush looks interesting, kinda focused on the center volume of the eyelashes, which I like. Must have!

This, I think will be very very sweet! Don't know If  I will try it.

Some new nail polishes from Very Me, these kind of glitter vernises where hyped last year, this year are still appreciated. I like the colour selection Oriflame brought!

Finally some loose powders! These come in 3 range of colours, but I really really wish they would bring back the translucent powder!

I love the new Milk and Honey product range design. This range is super iconic to Oriflame, since it is in top sales in every catalogue!
My fave is the new designed liquid soap!

This must smell very sweet and romantic!

This gorgeous set is perfect for autumn. I love the design!

Which products tempt you most?

I want ALL!! 

You can buy all Oriflame products up to 40% discount IF you are direct client here.


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