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Review : Mink Lashes by

    I recently received some new lashes and good news, the brand who first brought Velour lashes in Romania, launched their own line of Mink Lashes , 100% cruelty free and luxurious feeling!

The collection is for everyone who wants special looking lashes, good quality, and re-use them up to 30 times! 
They covered up everyone with 3 ranges - Light Volume, Medium Volume, High Volume.

I have 4 of the 9 styles they just brought. I have chosen some sexy , long lashes. The package arrived the next day , everything nicely packed!

I have a special discount code just for my readers - " MINKLORENA " for 10% off + free shipping in Romania. They also have International shipping just send them a message Here

If you are a make-up artist , you can apply for the PRO program to always have discount!

You will see in the pics below my lovely Duo lash glue, which you can also buy for a very good price there. 

The packaging is sturdy and closes magnetically just as the other high end mink lashes. I really like the packaging, it is easy to use and store, it's a classy box. 

PRO TIP: After you use your lashes, store them in the same box BUT fix them on the tray exactly as you found them , so that they will always be in the shape of your eye. 

The quality is exactly what you are paying for - luxurious lashes, for every diva!

They are super soft, easy to apply - I use in my tutorial which will be up tomorrow the model - Drama Queen , a sexy winged whispy lash, which was perfect for my eye, I didn't even trimmed them. But if I had to trim them I would have done exactly as it is not recommanded to - from the inside part.
That wing it is just not worth cutting , it's perfect!

ROLE MODEL - perfect for the dramatic eye make-up look , a sexy bridal look, or just on their own - you will not remain anonymus with these!

DRAMA QUEEN - as I mentioned earlier, they give you a sexy winged look! Easy to wear and not heavy at all!

BUZETTE - these are a premiere here in Romania, they are made in Collaboration with the Romanian make-up artist Anca Buzea. These are in the Medium volume category, and are not winged. These are more classic, perfect for someone who wants lenght and volume, but not as much drama.

ROLLING STONE - is the single 3D model, which are perfect for the women who likes eyelash extesion but doesn't want them permanent. 
These also aren't winged, but I wish in the future they will be also available in winged model. 
Anyway, just check the last pic, the are stunning! They will give you lenght, super volume and don't even need eyeliner with these!
You can wear them on their own or with makeup and the makeup will peek through:)

I KNOOOOWW, Amazing, right ?!

PS: Sneep -peek of tomorrows makeup tutorial, so stay tuned and Subscribe to my channel here!
I am wearing Drama queen! Looove them!


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