vineri, 14 august 2015

Video : 10 Beauty Secrets You Don’t Hear Every Day Collab w/ Alexandra Potora

Hi Beautyful souls,

today I have a specila collaboration with my Romanian friend who lives in the States - Alexandra Potora .  She is such a lovely person, carefull, she helps her subscribers throughout her videos, she is very supportive and caring!
She give amazing adives about improving everyday life + she is more organized and on point than anyone I know!

She came out with amazing video Idea, whichis sooo unique and I hope you will appreciate it!

We tell you 10 beauty Secrets you don't hear everyday / no one tells often. Her part was sooo helpful because I didn't knew some of the secrets, and It helped me very much! Exactly how it will help you in the future.


Her video:  

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