luni, 31 august 2015

Monday Mani : Inglot 622

Hey beauties,

So happy I am posting every week a new nail polish/manicure, I love to show you guys new colours, brands and I love to take photos of my nails, even though every time it is a strugle to keep my fingers in good position , haha.

So today I have an Inglot nail polish to show you , and I am in a love-hate relationship with this nail enamel, as they call it...

The colour is gorgeous but the texture of it is too thin. It is pigmented but not the best I have seen.
Here I have applied 2 coats and it looks good.

Since it is sooo thin, at the end of the nails it chips slowely, it's like I have a frame on my ends:))

But I can accept it and after it chips I change it and That's it.

The brush is also thin, but you can apply precisely with it if you handle it right.


Have you tried Inglot nail enamels? 


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