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Review Melkior Cosmopolitan Lipstick and Lilith Eyeshadow

Hey loves,

I am so happy to finally talk about this brand because I have only heard good things about Melkior.
It is a brand developed by two friends, who wanted every woman to be and feel irresistible with accesible professional products.
In its portofolio, Melkior has about everything a make-up artist would want + a beautician,  a nail artist and hair stylist. whoaaaa Amazed? I am.

Eyeshadows, eye pencils, foundations, professional powders aaaand I love ther magnetic palettes for a reasonable price!!!

Melkior is available in Romania, France, Belgium, Switzerland and Monaco.

Everything came arranged very pretty and with care.
I also got a Lipstick USB Stick, how cool is that ??!?!
and....Je suis Belle mirror , for you know, checking moments

I got a lipstick and an eyeshadow, but  after this I got a set of 6 eyeshadow pans and a mini magnetic palette!!

I must say and double mention that these eyeshadows have blown me away!

The pigmentation is up there with MACs or even better.
You only need a tiny amount of product when creating a make-up. Not to mention the fact they are large size pans ... 3.2 grams. Kryolan has 2.5 and MAC 1.5...
These will last you a looot!
They apply evenly, so you won't get patchy make-up
Doesn't creases if you wear eye primer underneath
They are not very creamy or buttery but neither chalky, so somewhere in between.

The only downside to these is that they are kinda dusty if you pick up a lot of products, so you need to either apply small amount of product at a time or do you fundation after your eyes.

Here I have the shade Lilith which reminds me of Melt cosmetics Love sick eyeshadow .
I will soon review my other 6 eyeshadows.
The packaging is so cute, it even comes with a miror inside!

The lipstick I have is Cosmopolitan from the Shiny range.
A blue toned fuchsia, gorgeous on the lips! Creamy but also stainy , so it will last you 4 hours for sure.


I hope you enjoyed this review!
If you try any of the Mlekior products, let me know.


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