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Review: Oriflame Solar Collection

Every summer Oriflame has sweet , tempting collection for us to buy. I tell you, if it weren't for the discount I wouldn't buy them since they would have left me broke, but with 40% discount everything sounds better .

Solar collection has sweet scents in it and contains perfume, body lotion , shower gel , a cuff , sunglasses and a purse. 

The cuff is the very high trend right now, you can wear it by itself or you can buy another to have both hands trendy. I won't do that since for me it would be too much...
It is a statement bracelet and I love the material and the shape , it is very good quality!
I am very happy I have bought it and that Oriflame brought trendy items in their portofolio.

The shower gel it smells different from the body lotion but still sweet and sexy.
Don't have anything bad to say about it.

The body lotion is liquidy, light weight so you won't even feel it , but it completes the shower gel and the perfume perfectly for an intense scent all over your body.
Please after you apply any body lotion, don't forget to spray some deodorant between your tights , it could get sticky otherwise...

The Solar perfume has a sweet red melon scent combned with flowers and other fruits. If you are more on the fresh perfume lover side this is toooo sweet for you.

But if you like sexy, sweet summery perfumes this is it. I like the fact it doesn't cause me nausea, since sweet perfumes are not for my stomach...

Have you tried the collection?


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