miercuri, 17 iunie 2015

Perfume Of The Moment - So Fever By Oriflame for Him and Her

 I haven't writen in this Perfume Of The Moment section in like a decade....I think I forgot, because I have material for this section enough for the whole year!

I bought these 2 perfumes for Valentine's day for me and my sweet hubby from Oriflame. I have to confess from the beggining His perfume smells soooo much better than mine.

Mine is very sweet and strong  - His is very masculin and sexy.

The packaging to both of them is unique, architectural design. 
Of course easy to use, and very resistent glass.

Men are always more lucky since they get 25 ml extra than us , but what to do. They probably use moooore perfume than us , at least my man does. Hahaha

Both stay on our skins about 5 hours strongly. 
I can't compare it to something because it's an unique scent even on Fragrantica, no one could compare it to something and everyone loves it!

On the other side, So fever for Men it is compared to Gucci Guilty, don't know about that...

Love their provocative , sexy ads. Very Valentine's day , love celebrating photos.

Have you tried them?


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