miercuri, 15 aprilie 2015

Review Cargo Vintage Escape palette

Do you know that feeling when you want something but it is so hard to get it? Well I had that feeling during my hunt for these. Why? Because they are so hard to find in Europe....it's like they deprive us from the companies. So of course..what is hard to get it is always way more interesting , right?

Cargo can be sometimes find in the UK, but don't know other websites that ship in Romania beside UK sites, which is how I ordered mine. 
I got the Vintage Escape and the Let's meet in Paris palettes.

I'm going to splurge it from now and already tell you You Need them! I love them!

The packaging is sturdy but not heavy, faux leather, good for traveling. Of course I dropped it on the floor and nothing happened to it. What do you think, I am not clumpsy? I am very very often! 

It comes with a double ended brush . One perfect for brows, not liner and the other for the crease. Well , you can use it as you wish:)

I love how the colours are arranged and it is a pretty big palette, I thought it would be smaller, like the Anastasia Beverly Hills Palette, but no, this is larger.

You will receive 12 shadows, warm toned, some matte some satin, some metallic. 
Super soft, pigmented, easy to work with. You can blend them easily and build the colour.
Exeption has to make the black colour which is stuborn and didn't come off swatched as in the pan, but on the eyes went black...weird

Swatches with No flas / Flash

Have you tried it?
What do you think?


10 comentarii :

  1. Se afla de foarte mult timp pe wishlist-ul meu :) Pupici

  2. Arată super drăguț :) Să o folosești cu mult drag.

  3. Wow! Arata excelent!
    Sa o folosesti cu placere pentru muuult timp! :)

  4. Hmmm.. cam cat costa si de pe ce site ai comandat? Sunt tentata si interesata :)

    1. poti licita aici, si toti banii vor pleca inspre copii.

  5. Ahhh <3 minunat mai arata. Pacat ca se gasesc atat de greu :( pupici

  6. I agree! They are definitely worth it! I also wonder why it is so hard to find these palettes and other palettes from Cargo. Very pretty photos! Kisses!


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