miercuri, 25 noiembrie 2015

Magic Moments with Nivea Tales

Hello friends,

today's post is not a review, because the universal Nivea cream is a product that we all know and we  certainly have at least one at home.
I decided to write a few words about the cream on the occasion of the wonderful new limited edition boxes that are available in stores.

The creas come with small brochures, each with a story and a character, but are also online for your kids.

A very good idea and nice way to remind us we all need fabulous stories in our lives, and our children still need stories to be told at night.

The characters are :

Mia - caring and creative
Harry - The curious discoverer
Little Fairy - dreamy and always up for fun
Rabbit - through thick and thin

Find the stories in English here
In Romanian here.

Have you tried them?


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