joi, 2 aprilie 2015

Review: Tony Moly Cats Wink Clear Pack Powder

If you watched my amazing swap video with my Australian friend , then you noticed this cute Cats wink powder from Tony Moly.
We love cats so everything that involves a cute kitty or kitten packaging is a must have for us. Why? Because it makes us smile and have fun! Cheerfulness is very important!

The packaging is center of attention, it stands out of the drawer and from my powder stash. Even if I want to use something else, this has my attention.
Very resistent packaging and a good size mirror inside makes the product safe and easy to handle.

The texture of it is very ligh and smooth, it does not cake the face nor change the colour of your foundation. It prevents my skin by getting oily by prolonging the mattyfing time.

This powder is special because it is a Clear Pack - which means No parabens, mineral oil, ethanol, benzophenone and tar coloring. Perfect for my acne prone skin...

There is no fragrance to the powder.

Also, there is a cat’s paw print on the compact powder and a round sponge applicator in the case.

Have you tried it? It is very cute and a good quality product which I recomment!


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