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Review Gerard Cosmetics 1995 & Tequila Sunrise lipsticks

Hey loves,

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Today I'm writing you about something I craved for for a long time, and I said to myself, well it's time to buy it already. Instagram made me buy Gerard Cosmetics Lipsticks...I must confes + I wasn't sure about 1 shade but I knew exactly what would be my first choice - 1995 . Because I am mad about this colour!!

So I thought , hmm what should it be? Something red? The new Underground shade? Something nude? And then I decided about something I don't really have in my stash, actually I don't have these 2 colours/shades in my collection so it was perfect timing for summer.

I saw on their facebook page that they always have promotional packs, so these 2 were only 20$ including shipping to Romania ( which is a great deal) and they arrived straight to my door, in 2 weeks, without any other taxes. YeeeY!!

The packaging looks similar to the MAC bullets but these are not from the same material and these are gold.
They have a good amount of products - can't find the exact weight but they are not short.

1995 is made in collaboration with the famous beauty guru Jaclyn Hill. It is a described as a neutral nude, more on the brownie side , inspired by the 90`s grunge.
The finish is matte, the texture creamy, very easy to apply and very pigmented.
It has a slightly sweet scent that I like.

Tequila sunrise is described as a fresh and fun peachy coral lipstick, more on the pinky side I would say, perfect for everyone, mostely in the summer time.
The texture is slightly different than 1995's , meaning that is not as opaque as that but in 2 coats the problem is solved. Or if you want to use a lipliner underneath , go for it!

You will see in the picture the finish, but I must admit I am in love with this shade, makes me feel very happy and positive and summerish!

It also has a soft scent of candy, of course! Yumm!!

I know lip swatches are not always accurate since we all have different lips but here it is how it looks on me!
I used NO lipliner, just the lippies themselves. 

Both lippies are long lasting!

Unfortunately, I don't have a discount code to offer you guys, but maybe in the future...
Until then, visit their facebook page or Instagram for promotions!

Have you tried them?


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