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Review Eucerin products

I recently got this press kit from Eucerin Romania, they kindly send me this goodie bag as a gift, and I like it so much I had to do a review on it.
Also, I found very  the idea of adding a sweet jar in th bag as a gift, filled with Jelly Belly bon bons. I still have some left, they were trully Yummy. They are from the shop called bonbonshop.ro

So let me tell you what I got: an oil based shower gel with dexpanthenol, Dermatoclean micelar water and Lip Aktiv lip balm.

The Dermatoclean Micelar water is fragrance free, not harsh at all to the skin. Removes the makeup only from the surface gently and has a tiny bit of oil to it, leaving the skin hydrated.

I loved the fact that it did not hurt my eyes, it removed the mascara easily and also removes waterproof  makeup . But you still need to wash your face after this and use a toner to remove the remaining makeup.

The Lip Aktiv Lip Balm is perfect for people with harsh and chopped lips. Especially for the boys in the house. Why?
It is fragrance free, non sticky and hydrates the lips in minutes.
I really like this and since it is consistent you only need a tiny bit on your lips. It will last you long time, if you are not me....

I put a tonn. 

-also without colour, leaves an invisible sheen on your lips, you can't even tell you have lip balm

Now the Oil based Shower gel is dedicated to the persons with severely dry skin or with eczema or dermatitis. It also contains Dexpanthenol which has moisturizing properties.
At first I was abit afraid it will leave my skin greasy or sticky but no. When applyed to skin and rubbed into it transforms into a fine foam , very soft and silky.

It doesn't make a lot of foam like your basic shower gel but that to me is no problem. Also, it has a gentle smell to it, very fine and pleasent. Almost like honey. 
I really like this and my skin has improved a lot.

I recommend it if you have problematic skin and will last you a lot. You only need a bit of this.

Have you tried any of the products presented above?



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