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Review Eyemimo eyelashes and Eyeshadows

Hello darlings,

I've been spoiled with some Eyemimo goodies. They are all over Instagram, that's how much people love their products! They are an American company based in San Francisco, and they eye and face makeup is made in the USA. so, I got 4 eyeshadows and 3 eyelashes, everything of great quality.

Buna dragile mele,

Am fost rasfatata cu cateva produse Eyemimo. Le vezi produsele peste tot in Instagram si laudate de majoritatea beauty gurulor din afara. Ei sunt o companie america din San Francisco, si eu produse de machiaj atat pentru ochi cat si pentru fata, toate minerale, cat si gene false spectauloase.  Am primit 4 farduri de ochi si 3 gene false de foarte buna calitate.

The eyelashes are all dense, glamouros, and hand-made. Eyelash in nr Ntr09 is made out of human hair, and the rest, Glm are made out of synthetic hair and double stacked.
 They are so dense, when I wear them I feel like I have extensions!
The're very easy to apply and use, I didn't even cut much out of the strip to fit my natural lash line!


Genele sunt foarte dese, naturale, glamuroase si toate sunt facute manual.
 Genele din stanga cu numarul Ntr09 sunt facute din par uman, iar cele cu numar Glm sunt din par artificial, sintetic si sunt duble. Adica sunt doua modele croite pe aceeasi banda, manual. 
Sunt atat de bogate, incat , in momentul in care le port simt ca am extensii!
Sunt foarte usor de utilizat si de aplicat, astfel incat nu m-am chinuit nici cu banda nici nu am taiat din ele.

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The eyeshadows:

I have to admit, my faves are Peach petal and Gold Dust , they are esier to apply and don't have so much fall-out. Cream Brullee and Plum Passion had a little more fallout, 

All of them are pigmented. I had to work a little more Cream Brullee and Plum Passion , but with the right brush, everything was ok


Trebuie sa recunosc ca Peach petal si Gold Dust sunt preferatele mele si nu avut atat demult exces precum celelate doua. 
Toate sunt pigmentate insa, dupa parerea mea cele mentionate mai sus sunt si mai pigmentate.

 Am avut mai mult de amestecat si aplicat la Cream Brullee and Plum Passion care au fost mai incapatante, insa cu pensula potrivita si aplicarea corecta totul a fost ok.

Makeup using them:

Price of eyeshadows: 4$
Price of eyelashes: between 6 and 12 $
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Have you tried their products?

Ati incercat produsele Eyemimo?


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