vineri, 19 septembrie 2014

Video: Back to school Make-up

Hello ladies.

So today, is video day, maybe you don't know put I postnew videos every Tuesday and Friday, and sometimes on Sundays also. Today I made for you guys a delicate make-up for school. Although it is in Romanian, you are more than welcome to watch it. (on the right side of the video you can enable CC to watch with subtitles).
I used soft peachy pink tones and instead of an eyeliner I opted for a warm brown shadow to suit every and each one of you. If you are not used to wear shades at school, I mentioned in the video that the basic make-up would be a BB or CC cream, a small touch of powder in your T zone, contour your eyebrows, blush and mascara. And you're good to go!
Here in Romania the school started on the 15th of September, that's why I'm so late posting this:))
Anyway, Have a lovely and good School year guys!
Buna dragile mele,

V-am pregatit pentru azi, fiind zi de clip, primul meu machiaj pentru scoala, pentru scolaritele mele care ma urmaresc si care mi-au cerut in astfel de machiaj.
Am folosit tonuri calde de roz piersica, ceva discret, care sa se potriveasa fiecareia dintre voi iar in loc de un creion sau tus am optat pentru un fard maro, care incalzeste privirea, este mai discret si deasemenea creeaza iluzia genelor mai dese.
Sper sa va placa si va doresc un An Nou Scolar prosper si minunat!


Hope you liked it!
Sper ca v-a placut!


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